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What is Ablative.Website?

Ablative.Hosting provides commercial .onion hosting but we understand that not everyone can afford to pay to host their website on a .onion

To that end we are now offering offering 128Mb of webhosting space with a free .onion and a free HTTPS certificate (via LetsEncrypt naturally) for use with a free subdomain here at

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About Ablative Hosting

We specialise in helping people protect their websites from censorship.

Started in 2017 with the goal of preventing the UK Government from successfully shutting down websites that didn't force users to verify their identity we've since evolved into one of the leading .onion web hosts in the ecosystem.

You can secure a dedicated Single Hop or MultiHop server today from only £3 a month.

Free subdomains of coupled with a dedicated .onion are available now!

signing up

How do I get a free subdomain?

1. Sign up

Sign up at Ablative.Hosting without needing to hand over any personal info.

We recommend signing up via the .onion version of the website.

2. Select Free Shared Single Hop

Navigate to the Shared Single Hop product page and click the 'Order' button under the "Free Shared Hosting Package" column.

3. Up and Running!

Within 15 minutes your dedicated .onion and subdomain will be available for use. Within 30 minutes your LetsEncrypt SSL certificate should be processed.

Free is great but you should consider running a .onion yourself

If you want to run a .onion for your existing website using your own infrastructure then lets talk!

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We strongly recommend that you contact us via Email, we use ProtonMail which provides strong privacy guarantees.

Ablative Hosting Ltd, Department 31
105 London Street, Reading, RG1 4QD
+44 20 3322 9210
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